Lazy and Inept Productions

Lazy and Inept Productions 

This is just a small selection of some of my favourite video clips which I’ve put together over the years.  For more videos go to my YouTube Channel.


Another day in wales without any water but lots of snow… By the way, the guy who looks in a lot of pain after his wipeout… He was – 2 broken ribs!


A short video which gained me 3rd place in a movie comp on – just outakes from my America 2006 trip.  Good rivers.


Apologies to Bob Mckee but I love this swim and the appropriate levels of banter to go with it – enjoy this most amusing moment and wish you were there!


A day out with, and video edit by, David Fairweather


2 Responses to “Lazy and Inept Productions”

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    […] are not on line at the moment, although there are a bunch of other good ones from the same folk (Lazy and Inept productions) to browse, while Skip’s Nepal video will feature at Student Symposium and other events, and […]

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    […] video trailer Posted on October 31, 2008 by luckyblog Currently in production, Lazy and Inept Productions video of trip to Turkey – see Ali’s report of the trip: Turkish Delights in […]

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