World Challenge Expeditions – Norway 2008

16 year 9s, 2 teachers, an assistant leader and myself, nominally tagged Expedition Leader!  We had about 9 days in Norway and then a couple of days either side for travelling from and to Newcastle-Stavanger by ferry.

We completed a four day trek in the higher reaches of the Setesdal valley with clear blue skies and patches of snow still clinging to the north facing slopes.  In the whole time we only saw 3 other people.

Our trek ended on the banks of the River Otra, here we met up with our canoes, resupplied with food and set off on a 4 day, 3 night canoe trip.  Above the dam at Evje the Otra is more reservoir than river, some of the team had fishing equipment and caught brown trout and rainbow trout to be cooked on the fire in the evenings.  Campsites were on beaches and islands. 

Apart from one days paddling in a thunder and lightning storm the weather was fantastic.  To round off the trip we paddled the short section of fairly steep white water below the Dam.  The team rafted it and the leaders stole some kayaks (a battered redline, spoon like paddlers, ribbed BA and Roma helmet – classy!).

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