Moroccan Water (Some of it White)

I thought I’d better put some photos up from a paddling trip to Morocco – its a brilliant Easter destination; good weather, amazing food and even a bit of paddling hidden away in the Atlas mountains….

[All Photo’s are courtesy of David Fairweather and his rather large peli box full of technical wonders]

We got Lost

We got lost on this huge and beautiful lake as we paddled around trying to find out driver – the lake marked the end of our two day descent.

Pete Cornes and Chris Smith Providing Some Local Transport

The locals didn’t seem surprised by our arrival, this river is commericailly rafted, not quite a tryweryn but as close as Morocco gets (and hopefully ever will).  Its the remote gorges, a feeling of complete removal from the real world while being so close to Europe that is Morocco’s big draw. 

Launcing from someones house into a river which spring from the ground into perfect crystal clear blue grade four

Everywhere we went to locals seemed to continue to be friendly; from giving us their spare tire to fix our second flat in as many hundred meters; to letting us sleep on their floor for a very small price; to seal launching from their living room into a river which springs from underground caves into a perfect crystal clear grade 4 rapid.

And last but not least – there was some amazing white water.  Yes we did have to drive around a lot to find it, yes we (Chris E) had to battle with our driver to take us anywhere vaguely non touristy and yes we found our fair share of empty river beds.  But the white water we did find was clean, clear and very good quality and above all it was in a brilliant and remote landscape.

Happy Days


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