River Moose – New York State

It was August and September 2007 when we went exploring the North Eastern States of America for some paddling; we knew we’d get the Yough and the Gauley and the Beaver and some other good dam releases, but at the same time we were disappointed that we would miss the October Moose Fest.  However some locals persuaded us it could still be a jolly, even at low summer flows so we went and investigated….

 Big slide on the moose

I’ve seen pictures of this drop when there’s actually some water – quite a terrifying hole forms at the bottom. [Chris and Nick]

Chris on the Slotty Drop

Chris on a little slotty drop further down the Moose

There was some definite scrapeage between the drops – when the river widened there wasn’t really enough water.  However the weather was amazing and when we did get to the drops they were fun and picturesque.

Toms Head on the Moose
Bottom of the Slot – Tom goes deep 🙂

One car was always an issue – at the end of this run Jo and I had a long walk back to the car.  It was quite intimidating: crazed dogs, suspected of rabies, even the squirrels were a potential threat.  It was a real wilderness walk!

River Moose - Chris Smith

Chris: The final drop of the day, just a huge reservoir and our long walk.


One Response to “River Moose – New York State”

  1. brthomas Says:

    I’ve heard about the Moose River, but until I saw your pictures I didn’t realize the steepness of the gradient.

    I added your blog into my Whitewater Directory – River Kayaking Blogs.

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