Black River Gorge: New York State

This river runs throughout the summer and has some sweeeet play waves as well as some pretty big drops – it was fairly low so the gorge wasn’t too pushy.  The Poop Shoot still provided entertainment and butterflies for all (good downtime opportunities…).

Pete was still playing around with his fancy new digital SLR and as you can see I’ve been playing around with photoshop!

Poop Shoot
Scally #1

Chris on the Poop Shoot
Scally #2
Like most of the rivers we paddled in the States (Summer 2007) the water was really warm; even though we didn’t have the sunshine it was still a thermal only type of day.  Special thanks to Tom for nailing the ‘slot of depth’ and surprising us by passing through it with relative ease…
Play Wave in the Gorge:
Chris on what I think is Inner City Straits play wave…
The Big ‘L’ : I think this is the Inner City Straits Playwave on the Black River Gorge : Either way it was very fast and superfun.

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