Wildcatz Div 3 Polo – Tournament 2 (Stockport)

This tournament was incredible – we only had four games again but some of them were going to be the hardest games of the season (both Manchester and Selkirk were demoted Div 2 teams and we’d seen Matlock playing well in the last tournament at York).

 A pleaseant warm up against FOA helped our goal difference with a 7-0 win.  In high spirits we played our hardest game against Manchester: first half was perhaps evenly played but they piled on the pressure in the 2nd with more than one chaotic fight under our nets.  I guess this is why it was so good to sneak a beautiful goal and beat them 1-0!

Selkirk turned out to be easier than expected with a comfortable 5-2 win and then a pretty scrappy game left us  3-1 clear against Matlock (with an amusing penalty given to little Pete after he had his head slammed onto the offending players boat… :-/).

Beer and Curry were much needed – Rusholme called and we answered.  Quality, quality evening.

Irish Team Photo


[From left to right: Chris, Pete, Steve, Davis, Matt – this is from Irleand 2005 (I need a more recent team picture with Matt Wray on it!!)]



One Response to “Wildcatz Div 3 Polo – Tournament 2 (Stockport)”

  1. mrmrwray Says:

    can you tag on the results tables? everyone needs to see the goal difference!!
    i’ve never been in a team at the top of the table before!
    fantastic team effort (and commiserations to my ex team FOA ‘C’ 🙂 )

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