Wildcatz Div 3 Polo – Tournament 1 (York)

Apart from issues on the M62 and cocking up our first game (beaten 2-1 by White Rose) we had a pretty good first Tournament.  

 We beat Bury 2-0 (though a 3rd was disallowed through my sheer ineptitude!):

Chris’ disallowed goal.

[Wildcatz vs Bury – my disallowed goal ]

Tees was a very tough game, we spent most of it under our own nets but got a beautiful 3 pass break for Matt to score from a distance and win 1-0. 

Chris wiped out on the Sprint

[Wildcatz vs Tees – high speed collisions to win the sprint!]

Our final match we beat Kingston 2-0; it was a harder game than we expected but we finshed it in style when they tried to go 5.  A rocket pass from Mr Wray for an easy open net.

Chris and Pete

[Wildcatz vs Bury – Chris and Pete (Scally #1 and #2) working it up the pitch]

Really good tournament.  Good results.  Bring on tournament two….




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