Mainly Driving to Canada with a little bit of Ottawa Playboating

Chris Smith on Baby Face Ottawa

Big Jim had paddled the River Hudoson, NY, 763 times.  He had a beard and all the raft guides knew him.  So when he told us that the R. Ottawa in Canada was only a 2-3 hr drive from our campsite we believed him, who wouldn’t?  A lesson was learnt that day and we reaslised that if he’d paddled the Hudson 763 times then it was unlikely that he had ever been to Canada.

Chris Smith on Baby Face, Ottawa [Close Up]

Chris on Baby Face, Ottawa

We left our campsite in Lowesville, New York around 9am and drove through a typically gorgeous day.  We arrived at around 3pm, the same time as the clouds and the dismal weather.  Also the garberator and push button were crammed as it was the eve of the Canadian Freestyle Champs.  This left us a short afternoon of play on Mckoys rapids and mainly Baby Face 🙂

The Team Chilling on the Ottawa

[From Left to Right : Nick Broad, Joanne Mackin, Chris Smith and Pete Hollis]

It was a long day out but the Ottawa was a new experience for most of us so I think it was worth the slog – definitely an adventure and an extra stamp in the passport (!?).  Plus we got to eat huge deep pan pizza (mainly bread actually) on the long journey home.  Happy Days….


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