The Potomac

Great Falls, Potomac

Joanne and Chris – Great Falls [Photo: Pete Hollis]

This was Alex’s first river of the trip – we walked in the stiffling summer heat of Maryland to the base of the famous Great Falls on the River Potomac – along the way we paddled a snapping turtle infested canal, climbed over rocks (which would’ve been mountains in the UK) and crossed streams (again UK rivers!) to reach horseshoe rapid:

Joanne Mackin - Great Falls

Joanne – Horseshoe Falls [Photo: Chris Smith] 

The falls were impressive but I’m sure they lost most of their ‘greatness’ with the summer levels, while some lines were tempting we were happy to play at the bottom and enjoy the sunshine.  The potomac turned into a gentle float; time for Alex to practice some rolls, and the young ‘uns to launch themselves off rocks:

Flying Scallies

You can take the scally out of Salford but you can’t take Salford out of the Scally : Pete Hollis 

I thought that Great Falls National Park was a beautiful part of North America, especially considering its proximity to Washington DC.  While the river didn’t hold much spectacularity, I am assured that this was only due to the unusually low levels.  We had an enjoyable couple of days in this region. 

Chris Smith Stern SquirtChris Smith Stern Squirt 2Chris Smith Stern Squirt 3Chris Smith Stern Squirt 4Chris Smith Stern Squirt 5Chris Smith Stern Squirt 6

Old School Pyranha I3 Action [Photo: Joanne Mackin]


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