The ALEX Project: Accelerated Learning and Exaltation Xperimentation [Part 1]

I have a feeling this will be a long term project.  Time however, in its ever-annoying constraining fashion, has other ideas: by its decree we have one week. 

I think despair really set in when he asked from a semi-submerged and completely capsized position: “Pete, what’s happening?” – this was not the comment we were looking for.

I get ahead of myself

The ALEX Project originated from the murky depths of alcohol driven conversations between Kayakers and Windsurfers; tales of dare, skill and cunning; discussions on transferable skills and mixed terminology; a rare mix of crossed over energies to enjoy the others passion.  And so it came to pass that the subject bought flights to NY; accepted the challenge of those raging, Eastern State torrents; and suddenly realised he needed to roll.

Step 1 – Fundamental Concepts:

New kit for Alex A paddle - interesting…? Same sort of shape….

Getting to grips with the new kit…

Step 2 – Rolling Basics:

Salford Quays Dry Rolling Practice

Pete showing ALEX the motions – all looking good on land

Step 3 – Rolling Reality:


With this Salford Quays skyline one could almost believe we had already landed in New York City, but that dream is still 6 days away

Step 4 – :

The mighty burn and ALEX project

To Be Continued….


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